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Simplify your physical inventory process with the certified inventory sampling software solution of Stat Control

With our software solution, you achieve less inventory effort and a significantly better inventory quality

Stat Control - Inventuroptimierung führt zu einfachen Inventuren und besserer Bestandsqualität

Inventory Counting? Quick & easy with our inventory sampling solution!

How do you reduce your counting effort by 95% while increasing inventory quality? Our certified inventory sampling is the perfect solution for you.

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Numerous customers trust in inventory software from Stat Control

95% less counting effort and higher inventory quality

Simplify your inventory count!

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Inventory sampling

The inventory as a full count required by the German Commercial Code (HGB) is associated with considerable costs and personnel expenditure - and often with warehouse closing times. At the same time, your inventory security can be endangered by numerous sources of error. Inventory sampling is an efficient method of counting that is permitted by law.

Your challenges

  • The annual inventory is required by law.
  • A full inventory is cost and time intensive.
  • Numerous sources of error in the counting of all goods
  • The stock reliability is not given.

Our solutions

  • Inventory sampling legally permitted
  • You only count 5% of your inventory
  • Less errors
  • High inventory quality
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Inventory controlling

Safe stocks are the basis for a functioning planning. Whether inventory optimization, disposition, purchasing or controlling. In all cases you need reliable figures on your inventory. Monitoring the inventory quality is therefore important, not once a year, but continuously. In this respect, stocktaking is not sufficient for this task.

Your challenges

  • Full count during the year not feasible
  • Reliable numbers are required
  • Stock reliability not given.
  • Numerous sources of error
  • High costs

Our solutions

  • Inventory sampling enables counting during the year
  • It delivers high inventory quality
  • Less counting effort reduces the sources of error
  • Our inventory reduces personnel expenses
Increase your inventory quality.

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