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Solutions for inventory and inventory quality

95% less inventory effort with better inventory quality at the same time

How can you simplify your inventory? How do you maintain safe stocks? For 25 years, we have been dedicated exclusively to the optimization of inventories and inventory controls. This makes us absolute experts in this field.

For this reason, we support you in all aspects of stocktaking and inventory control. With our software systems, we use the legally permissible procedures of statistics to replace error-prone and costly full counts with considerably more rational and secure sampling procedures. The inventory effort can thus be reduced by approximately 95%, which reduces the error rate and costs accordingly. The reliability of the results is higher than with a complete count.

However, not only inventories, but also inventory controls during the year can be optimized with statistical methods. Especially in this area, we have recently developed new procedures. Objective inventory monitoring is of central importance for safeguarding processes and inventory optimisation.

Companies of all industries and sizes have been relying on statistical methods for inventories and stock controls for a long time. Let us show you how this can be done.


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95% less counting effort

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Benefit from a significantly simplified inventory and continuously reliable stocks through Stat Control software products. In addition, we also offer you consulting on all aspects of inventory.

Sample inventory

Learn about the possibilities of inventory sampling and how you can reduce your workload by 95%. Costs and error rates are also reduced. The reliability of the results is higher than with a full count.

Simplify your inventory

Inventory control

Safe stocks are the requirement for a functioning planning of your company. The monitoring of your stocks is thus a regular necessity that cannot be implemented by continuous full inventories.

Reduce your storage risk


In addition to our software solutions, we also offer consulting services for inventory, inventory control and inventory security. Benefit from our many years of experience as an inventory service provider.

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