Inventory software for every operational situation

The original versions of the Stat Control inventory software first came into being at PriceWaterhouse in the 1980s. Since then, Stasam ® and Staseq ® have been continually evolving and adapting to meet new needs as they arise. Their functional scope covers all approved statistical methods and they can be individually configured to suit every conceivable operational situation.

To complement our range of products, we developed StaCol ®, a module for electronic counting with MDA devices, which replaces paper lists and helps avoid counting errors.

Stat Control systems support inventories for annual financial statements, as well as inventory controls performed during the year. StarWaRP ® is a system for the risk-oriented categorisation of inventories according to a range of risk profiles. This enables the division of inventories into risk groups that can be checked at different intervals by means of sample inventories using the same systems (Stasam ® and Staseq ®) as those deployed for the inventory.