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Stat Control software products

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Inventory software for every operational situation

Our software for simple and fast inventory in warehouse and branch

The annual mandatory inventory usually involves high personnel and cost expenditures. At the same time, it often impairs the entire work flow in a company and often leads to warehouse closures.

For 25 years, we have been dedicated exclusively to the optimization of inventories and inventory controls. This makes us absolute experts in this field. With our systems, we use the legally permissible statistical methods to replace error-prone, time-consuming full counts with considerably more rational and reliable sampling procedures.

By using our solutions, the effort of the inventory can be reduced by approximately 95%. Therefore, the error rate and costs are reduced while the reliability of the results is higher than with a full count.

Companies of all industries and sizes have long started using statistical methods for stocktaking and inventory control. Let us show you how this can be done.

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Software solutions for the challenges of inventory

Our software products at a glance



The approved and certified system for extrapolated inventory sampling offers considerable savings potential with only 5% effort compared to a full inventory. Optionally, inventory checks can be carried out during the year.

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In storage areas with a high level of inventory security, the approved and certified sequential test Staseq can ideally inventory an entire warehouse with only 30 random samples. In addition, an automatic and complete inventory documentation takes place.

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The supplementary application StaCol is used to record and transfer the counting results with mobile devices such as tablets or IPads, so that the conventional paper counting list can be replaced and counting errors can be detected directly at the shelf.

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The Warehouse Risk Profiler examines the inventory according to various factors and compares them with each other.  In addition to value-based inventory, this creates an efficient system for risk-oriented stock valuation.

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Stat Control liefert Systeme für Stichprobeninventuren

Continuous development ensures your success

Inventory software for every operational situation

The original versions of Stat Control’s inventory software were developed at PriceWaterhouse back in the 1980s. Since then Stasam and Staseq have been continuously developed further. With their range of functions, they cover all permissible statistical procedures and can be individually configured for every operational situation.

In addition, StaCol was developed as a module for electronic counting with MDE devices, which replaces the paper list and offers additional help in avoiding countin errors.

In addition to the inventory for the annual financial statements, the Stat Control systems also support inventory controls during the year. StarWaRP is a system for the risk-oriented categorization of inventories according to various risk profiles. The inventory can thus be divided into risk groups which are inspected at different intervals using sampling procedures. Here, the same systems (Stasam and Staseq) are used as for the inventory.


Further services of Stat Control

Updates and service hotline included

A strong software solution includes the certainty of long-term secure use. For this reason, all our customers receive all updates including new functions and improvements already included.

Even after the implementation we are there for you. Our hotline is available by telephone for every inventory, even outside normal office hours. Our sales department will gladly inform you about individual service packages here.

Workshops and consulting

Our basic services naturally also include support with the inventory concept. For inventory controls during the year we create individual concepts and offer workshops for inventory organisation. We are also happy to help you coordinate the inventory with the auditors.

Available in several languages

Our customers use Stat Control internationally and in various languages. In addition to German and English, you can also use the software in French or Spanish. In general, other languages can be added at any time. The safest way to feel secure is to always use your own native language.

Extensive training packages

For an efficient use of a software a well designed and conveyed training concept is necessary. Here we support your company, for example, with training courses on the subject of inventory sampling and on the operation of the applications. Furthermore, we offer in-house training and training at the customer’s premises.



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