StaCol and StaPad

Certified systems for recording counting results

StaCol and StaPad are complementary applications for recording and forwarding stock count results using mobile devices. They are the modern alternative to traditional paper count lists.

Electronic devices are being increasingly used in the logistics sector for inventory management. MDA devices with Windows Mobile or Windows CE are widespread, and web-based devices, such as tablets, are now also commonplace.

That’s why we have developed modules that support the use of these devices for stocktaking, particularly in combination with STASAM and STASEQ.

In addition to recording the quantities counted, StaCol and StaPad also help to identify counting errors directly on the shelves.

The quantities entered are compared on site against the set values and a warning is emitted should these figures deviate. This allows corrections to be made whilst recording which, in turn, significantly reduces the work and costs involved in corrections and recounts.

StaCol and StaPad – the benefits for you:

  • Detection of counting errors directly on the shelf
  • No paper-based list, no errors when transferring results
  • Time savings