Certified system for extrapolation sample inventories in all types of warehouse

Modern warehouses generally satisfy the stock accuracy levels for extrapolation sample inventories, and these days sales floors also increasingly meet such requirements. The use of a certified inventory system such as STASAM ensures that the legal requirements for this type of inventory are satisfied – including complete documentation.

With 95% less expenditure compared to a full inventory, STASAM offers considerable potential for savings. STASAM contains all four approved extrapolation methods. Thanks to continuous sample inventories (static and dynamic), counts can be distributed over the entire year and thus integrated into day-to-day processes. Depending on your requirements, you may also find it useful to implement STASAM in combination with the STASEQ sequential test.

Our team is able to identify how much you could save and will also help you co-ordinate with your auditor and get STASAM up and running.

STASAM – the benefits for you:

  • Significant savings compared to full inventory
  • Significantly fewer inventory errors
  • Flexible inventory configuration
  • Automatic and complete stocktaking documentation
  • Optional stock controls throughout the year