Certified sequential testing for warehouses with high inventory reliability

Without a doubt this is the crème de la crème of approved inventory methods: with Staseq®, as few as 30 random samples are necessary to perform an inventory of an entire warehouse. However, this requires greater inventory accuracy than the extrapolation methods used by Stasam®. For this reason, Staseq® is primarily used in automated warehouses, high rack warehouses and areas with a high level of stock accuracy. Staseq® is also being increasingly used in conventional warehouses as the latest warehousing systems and processes are leading to ever more reliable stock levels.

Staseq® is frequently used in conjunction with Stasam® in order to perform inventories in warehouses with varying levels of stock accuracy.

Staseq® is also especially well suited to inventory controls performed during the year.

The trick here is to combine approved inventory methods to create an optimal inventory concept. We would be delighted to assist you with our know-how.

Staseq ® – the benefits for you:

  • The most efficient inventory type with the lowest expenditure
  • Ideal complement to the extrapolation method used by Stasam®
  • Flexible design of the sample size, thus making it ideal for inventory controls
  • Automatic and complete stocktaking documentation