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Staples Anwenderbericht kostensparende Inventur

Inventories made easy

Nowadays, inventories in the warehouse are performed in a time and cost-saving manner with the solutions from Stat Control.


Annual inventories require the manual counting of all stock by a myriad of workers – a must for compliance but a time-consuming and labour-intensive exercise. Staples Advantage now prefers to let software solutions from Stat Control do the work – with considerable success.

Staples Advantage is relying on Stat Control

Staples Advantage in Germany is no exception – it had staff counting items one at a time up until very recently. But due to the size of its warehouse and ongoing growth, the company had reached its limits in terms of staff and time capacities. So, two years ago, it started looking for a software system that can be used for sample inventory purposes. In this regard, the company attached a particularly great deal of importance to straightforward installation and user-friendly operation, and it was keen for the inventory performance process to be transparent as well.

It was seeking a supplier who supports the entire process from installation to inventory performance, and who develops appropriate solutions for company-specific tasks. In Stat Control, Staples Advantage found an inventory specialist whose IT solutions STASAM, STASEQ and STACOL can be used to implement extrapolation methods and sequential tests with ease. The company was also convinced by a range of training courses, the support programme and the minimal expenditure that would be incurred for future software updates.

A smooth implementation process

The new system was implemented in Waldlaubersheim at the beginning of 2010 along with the STASAM, STASEQ and STACOL modules. STASAM is an extrapolation method that allows for greater tolerances in sample inventories by means of mean-value, difference, ratio and regression estimations. The STASEQ sequential test guarantees the least counting work, but requires higher stock accuracy levels. STACOL complements both solutions by enabling keypad or voice-based count recording via an MDA device as part of a mobile data acquisition solution. The swift and straightforward system set-up was followed by Stat Control holding a staff training session, which was geared precisely towards the task at hand.


Staples Aanwenderbericht Ersparnis Inventur
“The company has made time savings of roughly 60% and saved approximately 75% in terms of the costs incurred for active inventory performance.”


Intuitive operation

A total of 52 employees are now using the solution. Preparatory and downstream tasks in operational inventory implementation are carried out by one or two people. 50 people are involved in the active inventory itself. But each and every one of them are satisfied, since the ease of use and user interface of both the system and the MDA devices in particular make inventories a great deal easier..

Substantial savings

ABut staff satisfaction isn’t the only plus. Indeed, the new system has helped to considerably cut the cost of carrying out inventories. The company has made time savings of roughly 60% and saved approximately 75% in terms of the costs incurred for active inventory performance. The support provided is spot-on as well. Stat Control assists with all inventory preparation and performance issues. The implementation of the new system has contributed a great deal to simplifying operational inventory performance, minimising the error rate and substantially cutting costs.

Company size 1.001 - 5.000 Mitarbeiter
  • Ensure inventory quality
  • Avoid errors
  • Reduce workload
  • Optimise delivery cycles
  • Stasam – extrapolation methods
  • Staseq – sequential test
  • StaCol – counting using MDA
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